Private Label Nutra Omega-3 is a brand that is known for superior manufacturing processes. Our facilities are top of the line, our standards and stringent and our product reflects that. Our plant is approved for GMP and unlike many competitors, our plant is used solely for the purpose of manufacturing Omega-3 fish oil products. Keeping our mission specific allows us to excel as a manufacturer that cares about the details.

product We have committed to producing the world's purest fish oil supplements. In order to accomplish this lofty goal, we have made it a standard practice at Private Label Nutra Omega-3 to go above and beyond the industry standard for purity. Every batch is tested for numerous environmental pollutants and measured for oxidation.

Private Label Nutra Omega-3 manufacturing process has literally established a new purity standard among other fish oil manufacturers. The industry is challenged and made better by the emphasis we place on clean, environmentally aware manufacturing and on the purity of the product we produce.

When it comes to fish oil, you need a manufacturer you can trust.