Finding a manufacturer you can trust

The fish oil industry is a quickly growing one. As more consumers learn about the amazing health benefits of Omega-3, the more they demand a supplement that can meet their health needs and their standards for quality.

Private Label Nutra Omega-3 is a brand that can do both. Our highly potent, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil is the perfect natural aid in maintaining brain and heart health. And our supplements can provide the health benefits without the unwanted side effects. In fact, our products have absolutely no fishy taste or smell!

Not only are Private Label Nutra Omega-3 products odorless and tasteless, but by the time they have reached the bottle, they have undergone third party testing and have been checked for hundreds of environmental contaminants.

Private Label Nutra Omega-3 uses only the best raw materials, adheres to a strict quality code in manufacturing and delivers a product that is both potent and pure. We are committed to exceeding the international standards for product purity. Let your customers experience the results for themselves!